Dungeon Fighter Online, The Best MMO Ever, Is Playable Again!

So, about 10 years ago I think, an incredible MMO was released in Korea. It was called Dungeon & Fighter. I waited FIVE YEARS for a US release and we got it…only to have it shut down due to horrible mismanagement. A year later the company that originally released the game ran an Alpha Test, taking the old US version and putting it up again on Global servers to see what happens.

The response was tremendous and they decided to try a proper GLOBAL release. Said Global release is now in Open Beta.

However, gotta be honest, I had a busy couple weeks and didn’t have a chance to post this really: The first Open Beta closes on Monday and there appear to be some good benefits to playing the first Open Beta and collecting some Danjin Coins before the Second Open Beta starts. It’s free so grab it here:


Of course the second reason why I pose this is that Neople posted a somewhat scary Facebook post. While they have a solid hardcore player base, they need to GROW their player base as well and right now (as they’re still in Beta and judging the financial viability of this venture) they’re relying entire on Word Of Mouth so I figured I need to lend my mouth to the cause.

…because seriously, there are only two MMOs in the world to me now: Dungeon Fighter and PSO2. I swear if neither of these have a US release I am going to go nuts.

(author's note: Recommend Vindictus to me and I will rip out your innards.)

What is Dungeon Fighter and Why Should I Care?

DFO is not just any MMO but a 2D BEAT ‘EM UP MMO. Heck the NAME is a combination of Dungeons & Dragons and Street Fighter (Get it? Dungeon & Fighter?) and is indeed quite Shadow Over Mystara inspired. What makes this REALLY sing, however, is that you have a HUGE movelist and combos you can do with Street Fighter-style command inputs. Bigger than any other beat ’em up ever.

On top of that, the game is about 8 years old now. That means two things:

#1) It’ll run on nearly ANY computer. A friend of mine played it on a cheap Celeron PC he got from 1998.

#2) It has a LOT of content!

MMOs, unlike other games, can age VERY well. If an MMO is strongly supported, time allows them to iron out kinks with the original game and add more and more content. With this much time under its belt, DFO is basically massive and irreplaceable.

Basically, if you like Golden Axe, Shadow Over Mystara, Dragon’s Crown, ect. then you NEED to give this a chance!

What’s New Since We Last Played?

Well…apparently everything! See, while we were away the world kinda ended and all of the dungeons (and sprites?) are redone and updated. They’ve also added two Bonus Classes: Dark Knight and Creator. Dark Knight is a Slayer that can use a mix of other Slayer class moves in combo strings (seems kinda PSO2 inspired). Creator is a Mage that aims spells with the mouse (seems kinda The World Ends With You inspired).

Korea has also gotten the Female Slayer and Knight classes and the second Open Beta will give us the Knight.

So yeah! Go give it a shot this weekend!

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10 Comments on “Dungeon Fighter Online, The Best MMO Ever, Is Playable Again!”

  1. Baines Says:

    But the important question is whether they’ve improved areas like the Temple of Apostasy. That was where the area design started falling apart for me. (It was also the area where it started becoming annoying to solo, which was followed by the ice mountain area.)

    Unrelated note: Koei Tecmo released information for the PC port of Bladestorm Nightmare, and it sounds kind of positive, like they might actually have listened to complaints and are trying to do a decent job of it. Multiple graphics options, rebindable keys, DirectX 11 instead of 9, 4K resolution support like DOA5LR, … No mention of whether they are porting the PS3 or PS4 version though. Now I’m worried that Bladestorm won’t sell because it is Bladestorm (which is hardly a popular franchise), but KT will instead decide that it means it isn’t worth the effort to put some effort into PC ports.

  2. Baines Says:

    Installed and playing, and how much I’ve missed DFO. Punching and suplexing is still fun. Well, except for enemies that you can’t suplex. (How viable is the Grappler subclass anyway? I remember the number of non-throwable enemies increasing as you progress, plus one of the elite enemy abilities was to be non-throwable.)

    And how much I still can’t understand how the XBLA Dungeon Fighter Live managed to be so awful. DFO is already a fairly fast paced brawler, so how was a game that focused on the brawling so much worse?

    • GEL Says:

      XD Because it didn’t have secondary classes so no one had any moves!

      Also Grappler gets some kind of special move for when you try to throw a non-throwable enemy. Like a short range explosion thing. In short, I hear they are surprisingly viable.

      And with it re-installed I’m sure you see what happened. Temple of Apotasy might not even BE there anymore as the entire world was redone. It certainly works better with more varied dungeons you get through faster.

      ALSO! Apparently our EXP curve was ALWAYS borked because of our lack of Fatigue Points. FP goes hand in hand with faster levelling and dungeon progression so…yeah it definately seems improved.

      …aaand we’re on OBT2 already and Knight is surprisingly fun!

      • Baines Says:

        I ended up going Grappler before you replied. I’m not entirely sure that I won’t regret it in the future, but it is entertaining.

        If you try to suplex a non-throwable enemy, you do indeed do some kind of short ranged blast instead. That is a nice fix to a problem that grapplers have faced for a very long time. (Oh fighting games and your love for non-throwable bosses.) I don’t know if all throws have the same replacement, because I haven’t bothered to get a second throw yet.

        Once it was installed, I noticed the rather different world design. More variety up front is nice.

        Lack of fatigue points? I remember DFO having fatigue. It just happened to be a really high number, so that you could play for hours. Even now I tend to get tired of playing DFO for the day before I can run out the bar for a single character.

        I tried Female Knight and wasn’t entirely impressed. She’s nice, but feels kind of generic melee. It was also probably a mistake to pick the Elven subclass for the test drive quest, because that already looked like the more “melee bash things” class versus the apparently summon based Chaos.

        To be fair, I don’t find the Female Gunner to quite grab me the way that she used to either. (Female Gunner was my favorite class when I played before.)

      • Baines Says:

        Dear gods, is there any downside to summoning everything that you can as a Chaos (Female Knight)? Other than seeing your rank go nowhere, because your summons roll over enemies before you can even start to build your score?

        I went to Forgotten Forest and summoned five knights and three wizards. (You are capped to five of the first knight and three of the first wizard, but the two caps are not connected.) They steamrolled everything. In the boss fight, the summons on their own killed two of the four bosses in the time that it took me to kill one.

        The downside is that I didn’t get an SSS rank. It might have reached S, but if so it was because I cleared a room and a half without the summons active. If I play for rank, I have to do most of the room clearing on my own, calling in the summons either for the boss fight alone, or after I reach SSS.

  3. RegalSin Says:

    It is not the fact I do not want to play it. It is the fact that I do not want to at all, have anything to do with facebook at all. Facebook, myspace, twitter, Youtube, Yahoo, scumbags, and etc all have this anti-privacy rat against people.

    The neo-femo-nazi-gay-kk ( seriously they supremacists in disguise ) have this big thing against men, especially men who do not do the average thing, and drink, smoke, make babies and cry about sports all day long.

    If I could somehow find it in my heart to play this online I do not want to have to submit, and SUBMIT this and that address. It is not like PSO1+2 ,where it was just me and an credit card. This is flipity facebook and all the crap that comes with it.

    Gel, and if you know me, I really like to use the internet.. I mean I really really really take my connection seriously. The last thing I need is to have another “home invasion” brought you by Osamabama, and team I don’t really give a damn if it is genocide.

    It is like buying an apple iPhone. Employees in China still have issues with making the iPhone and have turned to committing suicide. These are people who are our age Gel, not twelve year olds like back in 1991.

    I mean yeah I really really really really want to play this game. I mean hurrah. It is not the fact it has to do with Korea, but the privacy issues of using facebook.

    75% of the internet is just a bunch of ugly used panties who connect via their god forsaken cellular phones. The other 15% is an bunch of netflix users ( I mean seriously Gel some of these people are trained with programming and electronics but they are too lazy to learn and shut up. Speaking of which I have to retrain myself or find and alternative method.

    I do not want to feed the fem-monger horde. They want our peaceful way of life dead Gel. They hate videogames, comics, and animations. They hate and they hate and they keep on hating and they are dumbfounded and will not support privacy at all.

    Look at Edward Snowden and I mean Dear God of God look at the genocidal war that has been on going since 2001. We are practically living in the house of unAmericans. Bradly Manning blew open an hole that should have ended the murder, showing how irresponsible military was allowing two photographers and and a child to be murdered. Even Kennieth O’ Kief and his ability to leave America entirely.

    I just want things to go back to way they were before 2008.

    • GEL Says:

      Erm…getting pretty heavy there at the end Regal, but I will say that I think you can sign up with just an e-mail. It was just the Alpha that required Facebook.

      And I hear you on not wanting a FaceBook. I used a fake-ish name for mine just incase I ever needed one for things like…well…the Alpha Test! XD

      But yeah, try just typing in an e-mail, Username, and Password, and see if that works. Alternately make a fake Facebook and never post to it.

    • Baines Says:

      I made an account a couple of days before the end of Open Beta Test 1. There was no Facebook requirement, just a valid email address.

  4. RegalSin Says:

    I would have to read the TOS/EULA. Going through it, seems the company uses any information that you give them, and sells it to other companies to make an small profit. Thus including “any information you create ( like your name ) and “wordings and phrases you use” including ‘designs of characters you make” along with “your habits as well”.

    It is not the problem with going online to play it but making the account and seeing all those things about “information they collect” is kind of annoying.

    Also while I am not biased, it is an Korean company, and Korea Gel is an place where people do not have sex until they are married ( unless I am mistaken ), which puts them on par with the US standard of “cleanliness” and “religious freedoms”.

    Seriously my rights was violated by my nation, and makes me unhappy and depressed in all kinds of ways because of that. I am only living on to life because I am endowed with knowledge and experience I have gained over time.

    If I decided to join the gameplay I will let you know about it.

  5. RegalSin Says:

    Gel I tried to use the game but apparently my connection is too slow to finish the 6GB download. You know and the world knows that in most cases anybody ( at least from 2003 ) could pull in an 6GB download almost overnight. You remember those nights waiting for something nice.

    Otherwise It will take more then 90hrs ( I wouldn’t be writing this. ). I see your enjoying the splatoons as well. Honestly speaking of “Dark skinned people” or “people with bright colorific skin all I see is a bunch of Nester Juniors.

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