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Stream 8/21/2015 – 3D Remakes & Gimp Jester?!

August 23, 2015

So now that we’re all caught up on streams, here’s last night’s monstrosity. We open by talking about 3D remakes of SEGA games on PS2 with 3D AGES/SEGA Classics Collection and Project: Altered Beast…then things get crazy when 3DO’s Shifters introduces us to the greatest hero of our time: Gimpy Sex Jester!



August 22, 2015

So! I don’t update nearly enough! Yeah I’ve been Streaming recently with friends and having a grand old time. I’m new to this so there have been hiccups but if you wanna see a smattering of random games? Well I’ve been throwing these on YouTube.

Here’s the Backlog!

8/11/2015: DOA5 Beach Party Lobby with DanFan and viewers!

8/16/2015: Random Games with Under the Pale

Part 1: Street Fighter EX3 & Urban Reign

Part 2: Some Urban Reign

Part 3: (NO AUDIO! Dunno what happened so you may as well skip this)

8/19/2015: GEL & Whitefolks’ Streamception

A noble experiment where I play Jet X2O while Whitefolks streams Urban Champion and Super Mario Bros. 2

8/20/2015: Random Games with Under the Pale and DanFan

Part 1: PS2 – Jet X2O & Splashdown 2 w/Under the Pale & Seek and Destroy, Freaky Flyers, Under the Skin w/DanFan

Part 2: Rave Master

Part 3: Bloody Roar: Primal Fury & Whirl Tour

GameMetabble – The Inadvertent Boob Report!

August 8, 2015

Look I didn’t MEAN to do almost an entire episode of boob games! It just happened!

Gaming with GEL – Jak X

August 7, 2015

About time I introduced you all to my favorite racing game of all time!