So! I don’t update nearly enough! Yeah I’ve been Streaming recently with friends and having a grand old time. I’m new to this so there have been hiccups but if you wanna see a smattering of random games? Well I’ve been throwing these on YouTube.

Here’s the Backlog!

8/11/2015: DOA5 Beach Party Lobby with DanFan and viewers!

8/16/2015: Random Games with Under the Pale

Part 1: Street Fighter EX3 & Urban Reign

Part 2: Some Urban Reign

Part 3: (NO AUDIO! Dunno what happened so you may as well skip this)

8/19/2015: GEL & Whitefolks’ Streamception

A noble experiment where I play Jet X2O while Whitefolks streams Urban Champion and Super Mario Bros. 2

8/20/2015: Random Games with Under the Pale and DanFan

Part 1: PS2 – Jet X2O & Splashdown 2 w/Under the Pale & Seek and Destroy, Freaky Flyers, Under the Skin w/DanFan

Part 2: Rave Master

Part 3: Bloody Roar: Primal Fury & Whirl Tour

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