Stream 8/21/2015 – 3D Remakes & Gimp Jester?!

So now that we’re all caught up on streams, here’s last night’s monstrosity. We open by talking about 3D remakes of SEGA games on PS2 with 3D AGES/SEGA Classics Collection and Project: Altered Beast…then things get crazy when 3DO’s Shifters introduces us to the greatest hero of our time: Gimpy Sex Jester!

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3 Comments on “Stream 8/21/2015 – 3D Remakes & Gimp Jester?!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Gel I am sorry I can’t play with you folks. My connection is garbage right now. I have rubbish 1Gig limit now.

    About “Shifters”. This is kinda funny. I actually played a game called “ShapeShifter” for the PCE-CD/TurboGrafx-16-CD. It is basically about an hero who changes forms to save the day. It makes me think that GTA could be possible in an 2d format.

    It is funny because reading about this “Might and Magic” game; it seems that “Shifter” is really an MM license taken out by 3d0. 3d0 programmers, artists, or sound people might be related to the “Shapeshifter” game on the PCE. I would advise you to look into this further.

    In this game the “Shape Shifter” you must take different forms in order to gain access and defeat certain kinds of enemies. The artwork is all Water-Colored in SS, and sprites look amazing and is funny. Again the artwork from the games seems to match, along with the attitude of the main character.

    Again Gel checkout “Shape Shifter” the PCE game. The intro to this game “Shifter” looks a lot like a cross between “Berserker:Guts Blood and Rage” and the Jester from “Highlander” the animation got balls.

    • GEL Says:

      Looking into Shape Shifter and it seems like something. I can see how Shifters reminds you of it. Shape Shifter is probably a lot better though.

      Also saw a copy of Warriors of Might & Magic for PS2 and the cover art is just a picture of Gimpy Sex Jester’s face so…yeah he’s the hero of that game.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    If you look at an episode of the Highlander with the Jester playing in an arcade and walking around. Highlander the animation series. The outfit is similar.

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