Stream 9/11/2015 – Makin’ Mario Madness!

Mario Maker is here so lets roll as we play through some madness…then some Rayman Legends and then like 3 hours of Armello so…you can skip that last part if you want…unless you like boardgames in which case OMG IT’S ARMELLO TIME!!!

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3 Comments on “Stream 9/11/2015 – Makin’ Mario Madness!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Nintendo just rehashed the past by making a Mario maker game. Something that could be done in flash but we have to have it on the big bad Wii U.

  2. Sleepy Says:

    I am loving Super Mario Maker! I’ve played a ton of awesome stages so far, and I’m working on three stages right now, I’m just waiting on the extra parts to see if I can make some refinements before I post them online.

    Can you share your stage codes? I’d like to play them for myself.

    BTW, check this stage out for some faux-artsy hilarity.

  3. RegalSin Says:

    You could be making money right now attempting to make your own videogame via flash or unity, but now your just making worlds for people to explore via the Wii U.

    Your basically taking part in enlisting people to purchase a Wii U or 3DS just to create worlds we have seen, or imagined from when we were children.

    Saddest part is how we never really had a real Mario sequel to
    SMB3. SMB2 was really a dream world inside a dream. Not sure if it was real or not.

    Mario world ripped off the Game “Dragon Egg” featuring Yoshi ( which is just ridiculous. Yoshi just means good, and is somebodies real life name. I mean yes there was moments and all. Yes SMW2:Yisland was probably the most ground breaking game but again the artwork for the game came from the Childrens Book that is sold in Japan separately. Showing us how the Nintendo have strong communications with open contracts.

    In fact I love Super Mario Brothers Super Show and how it melded the SMB2 into the original series. Then came the Theater insanity called SMB3 which is just jaw dropping.
    I love the Koopa Troop, and the Koopa gang. It was all good.
    Good times those were, just plain fun.

    It seems kind of dumb to me but the PS2 had more quality titles but we Nintendo slaves was just too dumb to give it a try. I mean yes playing with other people online is all nice but it has been done already.

    Did you know the “Super Dante” RPG maker game for the SNES also did a similar thing? In fact my cart have some home made RPG games on it still. RPG maker 3d on the PS2 have some games I believes as well as 4???? Then of course with the PS2 being an open bombshell a person could edit a game and make there own.

    Even so I mean there are a whole bunch of fan made pokemon spin-off titles. Otherwise I prefer flash to do this sorta thing. If you could advertise via the Mario maker it was make sense I guess.

    Keep in mind as the guy who was fired from Nintendo stated “Nintendo does not make money from hardcore gamers” but instead from “Children and people who barely heard of videogames”.

    So much of your gaming will be from children who will become young adults and then turn into continuing adults. Keep that in mind.

    Otherwise I would really consider making your own game.

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