Stream 9/9/2015 – Happy Dreamcast Day!

In a mad scramble for something to do for Dreamcast Day, I streamed random stuff!

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One Comment on “Stream 9/9/2015 – Happy Dreamcast Day!”

  1. RegalSin Says:

    Dreamcast day my behind. The thing is assembler still. While you can make Windows CE programs. Windows CE is an shrtn version of Visual basics. I will admit some games are out but the lack of equality or integrity is dodgy.

    I believe a new RPG for the Dreamcast is suppose to be out and Snatcher HD is suppose to be out as well. I can’t stress that shooter which would have been more artful.

    I hate programmer people. They are miserable jerks to everybody. Like math people but part techie.

    Dreamcast greatest downfall is SEGA attempting to copy protect discs. 1G limit. HA HA HA. A regular CD ( yes Geltonz ) a Regular CD have the ability to hold a 800MB to 1000MB limit CD. Even some old CD players are able to read those 1000MB CD disc. SEGA just made it annoying to emulate there stupid games. I mean yeah happy Dreamcast my behind. I love Dreamcast and all but seriously it is depressing. You know why?

    Most Dreamcast fans are dead, and just god auwful old. I am not talking about us ( yet ). I am talking about the guys with grey hair riding public transportation and are wielding canes, and they are fat. I am talking about that older older older game person who we probably bumped elbows when we tried out the new Sonic-R, or the new Mario 64 back when we high on sugar. I do not want to be one of those guys as those days are gone.

    Dreamcast people. Are there any real left? Most are retired man.
    I will admit me and Dreamcast relationship was a magazine. That is it. My PSO years came much later ( thank you sooo much world ) and to be honest Gel. Some of the PS2 versions of the Dreamcast games are better.

    Go and play Space Channel Five for the Dreamcast versus the PS2 game. You will notice difference. I was a Nintendo slave playing pokemon back when the Dreamcast was out. I was going “Nintendo has RPG too” and “Nintendo has this and that”.
    You know what GEL??? The only good thing about Nintendo Is not even Smash Brothers.

    We have M.U.G.E.N. Gel. It has been ported to Windows, and the community is active here and there. There is even online play and some stages even move like Smash Brother stages.

    Why bother anymore, when the world is against you no matter what. It is like an uphill battle for everything and anything in this world man.

    Happy frappy Dreamcast day. They gave us Prostitute the bat, Cream the bunny, and the saddest part is that Shadow the hedgehog never made it to the Dreamcast. I mean OMGSH it is amazing that game was made.

    I mean look here comes Shenmue, which is just a super giant version of Snatcher. Staring a character or two from Virtua-Fighter.series. You wanna talk Shenmue?? Shenmue is as interesting as 3d explorer that comes with most OpenGL examples. I will admit there were moments but I could have real life over Shenmue. It was all cute but SEGA could have released all Shenmue on the dreamcast if they wanted to. But no they made the jump.

    Dreamcast games are not even 1GIG. Like the PS2 and Gamecube these games are nothing but dummy space. Dummy space for dummy game people like us. Some of these games are less then 100MB or even 45MB. Like take Capcom Versus.

    Why did the X-box even had to be. I do not know. Everything on the X-box is garbage compared to it’s port.

    Sad part the Dreamcast have so many nice titles that will never see a release outside emulation.

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