Metabble – NOT a Stream!

Wait I actually did something that WASN’T a stream?!

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3 Comments on “Metabble – NOT a Stream!”

  1. Baines Says:

    I was going to suggest time stamps on the streams. I’m honestly not too fond of the streams in general, though. They run rather long for content. It also feels a bit off to watch someone play multiplayer games against only bots. It seems it might be a little better if you had at least one friend over, if not three friends for four player games.

    For Dragon Quest Heroes not being “Dragon Warriors”, it does sound like the game might have been meant to be far enough from the standard Warriors line to be a different name. Now if “Heroes” sees much better sales, it could be interesting to see if Koei goes that naming path more in the future.

    If you meant me for complaining about scripting in modern Warriors games, then no I haven’t tried Samurai Warriors 4 yet. I’ve largely moved to PC gaming (along with the Wii U) these days, and PC didn’t get SW4. It will get SW4-II, which I might get.

    Though I don’t really know. Koei Tecmo is still not putting any effort into their PC ports. Their PC ports just aren’t worth the console pricing that they charge. Koei Tecmo pretty much aims for parity with the PS3 version of games, and arguably can’t even manage that. They pretty much admitted that they wanted the best graphics exclusively for the PS4 version of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. PC DOA5LR was based on the PS3 version, with a few minutes spent implementing the most barebones resolution support that let them claim 4k support, and I think netcode is *still* in beta. And the DW8 PC engine, which they presumably use for the base for their various Warriors games, was based off the PS3 version with netcode removed. PC DW8E *did* at least get the ability to upload and download player-created CAWs and scenarios, but there is no cross-platform there, with PC being its own tiny island while the vast majority use PS3/PS4.

    I wanted One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, but I just reached the point where I couldn’t support Koei Tecmo’s attitude towards PC anymore. I’ve heard rumors that Koei UK is kind of caught in the middle, as (unlike Koei Japan) they actually tried to listen to fan complaints, but find reporting those complaints to Koei Japan is like talking to a brick wall. Mind, even Koei UK has seemed rather weaselly at times, tending to leave out bad news to focus on the good. (Like tweeting that the PC version of Samurai Warriors 4-II will use the PS4 models instead of the PS3 models, which of course implies that none of the other PC complaints will be dealt with, as Koei UK specifically only mentioned models.)

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 was the straw that broke the camel’s back, when it released and people believed the PC version flat out ignored graphics settings. It apparently turned out that the game was “working as intended”. It is just that there is almost no difference between the lowest and highest settings, because Koei wanted the PC version to pretty much max out at PS3 quality. Consider, the game was intentionally visually held back so much that people thought it was actually broken. Mind, because it it is a Koei PC port, it apparently is kind of broken anyway, as people were reporting graphics glitches and other problems that weren’t present in the PS3 version.

    As for Amiibo, my local Target was heavily overstocked on Dr. Mario. It reminded me of when stores heavily overstocked on Metroid Other Mission. Days later, their stock was reduced, but I think it was because that Target had shoved at least half of them in the back (or shipped them back to the warehouse) because what was still out filled its smaller shelf.

    Within hours of opening, that Target was already out of the new wave excepting two Zero Suit Samus and three Olimar. The closest Walmart managed to stock a few Ganondorfs a day or two later.

    Something else I noticed that might be local, or might be wider spread… It looks like my local stores are cutting back on the space that they give Amiibos. They also aren’t bothering to try to keep a healthy variety, though I guess that could be partly on Nintendo’s supply.

    For unlocking Amiibo costumes in Mario Maker, I’ve heard that it is only Nintendo’s characters that can be unlocked. One claim was that it was restricted to characters that were connected to various Mario games.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    Dear Gel you love de Barack people, why not make a vide of the target incident. Like call it “Would you buy games from Target after this?”. Anyhows Gely, gel Gel…………in other news a great offer somewhere on ishbay for almost $100 a year cell phone service.
    I am sure if you was to complement something along those lines you could get more results.

    Also about Gamers Gate. Lets be realistic. Videogames have been underfire since day one. First it was arcade nerds to fonzzies, then it was the mythological gangs from Robo-cop, and finally it was that kids play too much videogames ( us gel ). Then there was censoring for nothing, which damaged the career of that former “Different Strokes” star, as she was getting up.

    The point is Gel, GGate is really about bashing games as whole.
    They say only now videogames is seen as art????? Even if they appear in films ( Wayne Gretzgy 3d Hockey, NES baseball, GP-C64 games ), to Animations ( MadMax, La Blue Girl, ) and even films ( The unofficial Street Fighter ) and so on. Then of course is the Mario animation, and Zelda animation ( which created the first real self-serviant female game character ( princess Zelda from Valiant ).

    Then GGate says videogames

    We all know this is about Dick sucker trying to get her foot in the hall of feminsim. You know what feminism is Gel? Thinking about your grandmother, if there was no feminism, her husband could divorce her over and over and over and claim all the land, rights to her children ( even ones not hers ) and leave her to wonder the streets. Then of course is the terrible tudors ( do your research on them ).

    The problem with feminism it is basically a tool for rich, hipster, wealthy, yuppie, art-hoar, upper-hoar, upper-class, whatevers
    to do something with there time when they are not on there backs with there businessman husband or warhawk ( cop see Target store ), military, ex-con boyfriend.

    It is like being in highschool again and all the “good looking” girls who knows what a man likes ( what most Dolly Partin, “Clueless” ( Tv series ), and KND ( teens ), and that is about it. We have all seen it. All the way into college zone, where all the somewhat educated women make it, but again.

    Those same women who never got the chance to be that way eventually come of age of woman, and end up in that realm. So it is like the same loser women ( that are our equal ) are now in power, alongside those “winner” women.

    So there are some things to bring up and “talk about”.

    Speaking of which Geltonz, I keep asking for a side by side comparison of DKC to DKReturns. DKC is actually the return of Donkey Kong while DKC is just run-off ( in my opinion. ), But seriously Gellie, Gel Gel why not go and do a comparison play-by of all six games in the series including the NDS.
    That is something else.

    Another thing you could whin about via vide is the constant attack on the civil liberties and anti-privacy of men in the USA via the internet. We have ( or at least had ) the right of expression, where there was media meant for all kinds of people and was nobodies business at all. Back then they brought an Ed-209 arm on the airplane and nobody cared at all. Nowadays a suspect could have there laptop seized and holiday pictures displayed for the world to see. That is how screwed up this world is Geltonz.

    Not to forget about freedom of expression, and of course right of privacy. Talk of gun laws pointing out locations of shotguns to extending sex-offender list as well. In my area they have this building full of them, because nobody would give them a house. These people did nothing wrong at all. Almost anything could get a man in trouble for nothing Gel.

    Why doesn’t the President canidates talk about anti-privacy. About internet privacy. First it was websites ( which is understandable ), then it was forum communities, and now it is communications between peoples personal computers. Same exact thing as a drug bust but invading your privacy and then sending a bunch of slime to search for evidence ( or plant evidence ).

    How about how DNA testing caused more deaths then save lives. Back in the 1800’s we could take a girl out, while whoever was away. But now they do such thing and the result is not prison at all. It is loss of life, that unimaginable. Messed up stuff right. It is like we went backwards in time via DNA testing. Look at Clinton, he balanced the budget, kept the US in check, and made friends with enemies. Gadafi was a hero back in the 1990’s and an ideal man ( note the Dolls from Vega/Bison army ).

    But all it took was some head hunters ( as with GGate bs ) and a couple of samples to have him impeached for lying to the American public about SLEEPING WITH WOMEN NOT HIS WIFE.
    Is that really wrong? Think about it. Clinton did not lied about anything else and DNA testing took him down.

    Meanwhile we have the evil Hilldog, who is rumoured that Clintons daughter is not her daughter at all. So what is Hillary? The Beast-666 incarnated? The Devil in flesh???? Bush-Mark III,
    Nazi-Girl-Hitler-woman ( AKA Hillary>????? ). What is she about. Then there is this other two guys. I can’t decide.

    The Guy who makes a clear point about American business.
    Or the guy who made a clear point about How American Business is done. All I know is the Hilldog can not win. If so the United States have elected the White Witch as President.
    White Witch for President. White Witch is the anti-Christ

    Meanwhile in other news O-beasts, and O-prah still roaming free trampling on the rights of men. So again would you buy from Target store due that action. They media is making up stories about previous agreements and they have the Target Cameras.

    Wanna save money Gel? Get an VOIP service via a free pay internet wireless service. VOIP for business pays by the hour or time that it is used. Many services. Also the Cell phone offers for $100 dollars a year floating around or you would have to get somebody to transfer there G-father plan.

    Another thing Gel, your a man, all you need is a girl. Everybody needs women but seriously I do not want to pri in ones life. But sometimes that woman could guide you into a great direction.

    Again about money Gel. The truth is that all of those fictional works added up was our chunk of chain. Japan knows how the US economy works and it’s people works. Everybody knows us Gel and knows you.

    I wonder how your Biology is going on for. Even so in the end everybody will have to take out a loan, including myself. From pushing carts to taking samples. We all need a loan at some point, because as i said DLC has no value. Can you actually sell your DLC loaded unit to another gamer person for the price of the DLC minus the usage of the console versus the price of everybody else???

  3. RegalSin Says:

    Still watching the video/lisitng.


    One piece pirates warriors……..

    Korean SS-number. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA DLC is garbage. Look at that. They marking your heads with what you play. HA HA HA HA makes them look like prisoners of there own nations. HA HA HA HA SS-number.

    One Piece pirates Meh, it was okay and all for the art.

    All of these Warrior games looks like those “Simple 100, 2000,” PS2/PSX games. Remember those Gel???

    Remember to avoid profanity in real life. While that just saying and all..

    Jiggle boobs…….meh nobody cares anymore. I wuv em breastless, and no arseyyy. I will save that for when I get somebody prego.

    UK has a law floating around that destroys flirting in public ).

    Get me unbanned from NEOGaf.

    One Chambeara……yeah PS2 they kept remaking and enhancing a game over time. It is amazing. It looks good at first and then bored. Basically PN03 with colorful backdrops and blood.

    OneChampionetccc = What PN03 should have been.

    Skylanders more idols for children to worship = Those Statues you know. Why get a bowser. They are just statues with code on them. They are doing action figures all over again.

    Kit builders is where this leads to.

    Why support Tony Hawk anymore? Isn’t the PSX gmes enough.

    Sky landers meh.

    Think any of those Afro-wearing men have any real jobs?

    Government do things to slow-down reproduction. United States is 77% European. 30% are non-Europeans. The upper 10% is African origin. 50% of African Americans are in prison. ( do the Math ) Asians are only 0.5% with Latino the upper above that.
    Jews make up only 2% of the population.

    Gel Gel Gel checkout the art of Miriam Carothers at Vice store. Sheets are amazing.

    Mortal Kombat got lame when the creator released that X-box game that failed???

    Nintendo is for children. Zero suit Samus is fake. Samus is in a bikini and is a Dirty Blonde. Reason why Metroid III Failed because of the advertisment of a Eastern European woman being Samus. Samus identity is hidden, and is meant to be hidden. How many hardcore fans never did get the 100% or only seen her face, is rare? How many, got the Brunette from the Gameboy Game??? or the NES game???

    Just like Link they White Washed and Marilyn Monroe Samus..

    Yeah right…….So then again the whole PS2 thing. Uhmmmm
    there is a softmod that has been on this planet for years Gel. Really nice thing to have. If I had real internet I would be getting high on PS2 every day.

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