GameMetabble – The Empty Christmas List?

Wow! Sorry to wait so long posting THIS! Know how this Holiday Season seems a little dry? Well I still found something to get excited over! Woo!

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4 Comments on “GameMetabble – The Empty Christmas List?”

  1. Baines Says:

    Nintendo is also removing the slider for breast size in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Which has become a fairly standard slider for character creation.

    But you are only now realizing that Nintendo of America has issues? I’ve been saying that for years. It was visible before the end years of the Wii, but the end years of the Wii made it painfully obvious just how bad NOA was for gamers. When you had Nintendo of Europe already doing all the localization work for games, and NOA was still saying no to releasing them? When NOE said that NOA refused to let them promote Xenoblade at a US show (E3 maybe?), because NOA didn’t want NOE showing a game that NOA had no plans to release.

    Remember NOA is the company that took over publishing Samurai Warriors 3 in the US, and then proceeded to sit on the game for months even though it had already been localized for Europe. NOA finally set a release date, that happened to be only two weeks away from the *only* Wii game that was competition, Sengoku Basara 3. That braindead move hurt the sales of both games in the US. (NOA also photoshopped the cover of the game in order to raise the top of Inahime’s outfit.)

    NOA is so incompetent that at times it feels that it is actively sabotaging Nintendo. I’ve for so long wanted Reggie Fils-Aimé’s gone.

    • GEL Says:

      XD Yes I HAVE only now realized this. I’m a pretty hardcore Nintendo fan and I hate the amount of STUPID hate they get that…well I overlooked the entirely justified stuff as one-offs.

      Now they’re REALLY adding up though.

  2. Baines Says:

    Oh, and DW6 was bad because they replaced the classic combo system with the mindless Renbu system.

    Yes, people didn’t like the number of characters that used the same movesets. But I feel that people would have accepted DW6 despite duplication and/or a smaller roster if the gameplay itself had been good. Make the game pretty, use that extra power to put more enemies onscreen, use the engine change as a chance to implement new ideas that you really wanted to try… Except…the big new idea was garbage, removing *all* thought from combat and turning it into “mash one button forever”.

    Side note: Jim Sterling’s latest Jimquisition is his own defense of Dynasty Warriors as a series, where he compares it to a modern day Golden Axe. You might be interested in checking it out, and/or checking some of the comments posted on his website about the video. Though it is a topic that probably isn’t going to spawn a hotbed of conversation.

  3. RegalSin Says:

    I mean ZOMGSH look Warriors have sliders, skins, and upgrades to make your character look unique.and it is a bunch of characters on screen. Seriously all Warriors games like that from KOEI are like that, even that one game on the GCN and the games on the PS2.

    Warriors is not Golden Axe or whichever SEGA arcade related game. That is like saying Warriors is the same as Guardian Heroes, which is more or less Golden Axe but more random anime-ish and less Conanish, but this is Treasure we are talking about.

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