GameMetabble – Zestiria, Rodea, Street Fighter V, and…WWE2K16?!

Now that we’re all caught up, here’s the latest Metabble where I discuss the Wii/Wii U differences in Rodea: The Sky Soldier, talk a little about Zestiria, a good chunk about my SFV experience (and WARNING: I get slightly political as I discuss the recent censoring), and then we talk about the first WWE game I’ve ever bought new!

As you might have guessed, I ruined it as hard as I could XD

BONUS: When I say “WWE2K16 is buggy” I mean…

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3 Comments on “GameMetabble – Zestiria, Rodea, Street Fighter V, and…WWE2K16?!”

  1. Sleepy Says:

    I know how you feel regarding games journalism. Though for me, it was when Jeff Gerstmann was fired for his Kane & Lynch review that I had less of a desire to become a game journalist. Then Gamergate happened, and it only validated my decision to give up on that dream. About a few months back, I had written my first game review in like 8 years, and it felt great. At first, I was thinking of starting up a blog, but now, I’m thinking of making a YouTube channel. I just need to get a capture device, and a decent microphone. What kind of video editing software do you use? If you have any other pointers you could give me on getting started that would be great.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I say, do whatever the fuck you want. If you feel more comfortable using LiveJournal for posting your thoughts, then go with that. I will say that the WordPress blog is in NEED of a clean up and an update. All but one of the sites you have in your “Links” category, are dead. Your older blog entries have the videos from your GeltonZ channel that you made private. And the infinite scrolling is terrible for my bandwidth, oftentimes freezing up my computer. Also, I recommend putting a dropdown menu for your “Archives” section.

    Moving on from that, I really feel bad for Yuji Naka. Rodea on the Wii looks fantastic and seeing it side-by-side with the Wii U version, plus knowing that reviewers are ONLY getting the Wii U version to review, is a really heartbreaking end to a long trudge through development hell. If only Kadokawa released the Wii version back in 2011, then it could’ve received great review scores, and we’d be playing the sequel on Wii U, only this time, Yuji Naka is in complete control over how that game would’ve turned out. Hell, there could’ve even been a completely unique spinoff game for the 3DS. Rodea could’ve been a bona fide franchise by now, but now, its future looks a little bleak. I doubt people would be willing to pay 60 dollars for a Wii game, especially in 2015.

    Glad to know that Street Fighter V is shaping up to be a better game than IV was. Sucks about the R. Mika censorship though. I hope Capcom listens to the fans and restores the original animation, or at least meeting people halfway and not having the camera focus completely on her butt. You hit the nail on the head regarding how it seems like only men are outraged over sexy portrayals of women in games. That isn’t to say that there aren’t women who don’t take issue with some depictions of women in games, but it always seems like the ones who are making the most noise are men. It’s almost ironic that they’re telling game devs to “check their privilege”, while never taking the time to check their own. Between this and other games like Fatal Frame 5 and Xenoblade X getting censored, I fear that this might become a trend for future Japanese game releases in the west. I am so sick of all these people telling me how sexist games are. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way, but it’s really not as bad as these people are making it out to be. The games with sexy women are the most popular ones because, simply put, sex sells. But there are HUNDREDS of other games dating as far back as the 80s that have playable female characters who dress and act in a non-sexualized way.

    Here’s one that has you playing as a kidnapped princess escaping a castle after her hero dies in battle. It was even worked on by freakin’ GAINAX.

    Speaking of GAINAX, they also worked on another great game featuring a playable female character.

  2. RegalSin Says:

    Also ebay has a sweepstakes to enter for

    See the problem with “gamers” as consumers, they use these coperate words such as “franchise”.
    When in reality that is the disrespectful tounge that corperations uses it as slang for. That is like
    saying how that game changed it’s image to appeal to a certain audience, while allowing loyal ( brainwashed )
    fans to continue purchasing it. That is like me buyign “Super Mario RPG” while Super Mario ended a long long
    time ago, but I want more Super Mario, even in unofficial RPG format.

    I mean if they use etc fictional works to make whatever ( that term ) out of, it should be done respectfully.
    It is like how “Doremon” was a comic book, but now we have games, movies, plays, but more importantly Doremon
    has been reduced to being home appliances. That is an old arguement.

    Yuji Nanka…………who cares about him. People gotta keep making money in order to survive and that is why
    we still see certain people around. Not because they are the best but because people will buy whatever they make.
    Take “Ash vs the EvilDead” that was on Showtime. Do you know how long people have waited to see a fifty year old
    man flip-flop around like Jackie Chan vs the Deadites???????????? It was on Showtime/Stars and now it is for sale
    and I want to buy every episode just to see that actor in action.

    It is like how “Sonic the comic” creator was plucked from the many artists to create the new official Sonic
    comic, once it had an fall-out with the original writer/artist with SEGA. Why? Because he was expressing his
    rights, of property and SEGA did not respect his rights.

    About Mika the female wrestler. Capcom are idiots for removing animations from games. It is terrible
    enough to know this is how low things have become with fighters. Seriously lets go out on a manhunt for her nude
    Mugen character if that was not enough “Rainbow Mika”. Seriously that is what she was for and is what about.
    She is a typical “Rumble Roses” mud-wrestler character who prances around half-naked, but decides to join the
    Street-FIght. Seriously Capcom needs to grow up and stop trying to screw up things for everybody.

    I do not blame them at all, but seriously I wouldn’t care. I never cared about any of the fighters and those
    days are long gone. If Streetfighter wanted to do something scandalous why not have clothing ripping as with
    the “Last Bronx” and “Virtual Fighter II”. Way I see things is that people just got stupider because we are
    paying too much attention to all of this free information.

    About the firing of that “Gamespot” staff member. Number-one, screw Eidios because I will never buy another piece
    of crap from them ever that is new, DLC, or used. Screw new Tomb-Raider, and screw them all.

    Seriously I couldn’t care any less because all the same features are all the same features from before. Why run in the rat race when your going for the same piece of cheeze you had yesterday.

    I am still waiting for my DKC comparison between the SNES and Wii games……….

  3. RegalSin Says:

    No more post. Not fair.

    Even so. How is life Gel. I mean outside of gaming. So far you seem to have it all when it comes to games but about the real world??

    I am looking for work right now and I am dealing with terrible employment issues. Even so Gel I can only say that things are positive on your end.

    I know we do not like talking about things like that. However we have to because our world……Our way of life depends on it.

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