Wise Fwom Yo’ Gwave?!

Cripes. “Hey everyone, its been a while!” may as well be my catchphrase at this point! Its seriously been almost TWO YEARS since my last blog post?! Egad this turned from The Hub For All Things GEL to a barren unused wasteland!

So what brought me back? Well I was just reading an article on mattress review blogs and people making money by writing about mattresses and I said “HA! I wish I could do that with a videogame blog!” and then I remembered the good old days on LiveJournal.

SOMEHOW, my LiveJournal got a weirdly decent number of hits. New people always popped up out of nowhere to comment and to this day I still stumble into my LiveJournal sometimes in Google Image Searches. This was because I had a “Post to LiveJournal” link on my link bar at all times and anytime the fancy struck me I’d just tap that and make the magic happen. I’d post about all sorts of random crap from the newest game I got to random waifu finds. It was dumb, but hey so is the internet sometimes.


But THEN I wanted to be all “professional” and moved to WordPress and categorized things. My desire to be professional caused me to lock up and not post anymore. I overthought things and it was a mess.

Then things just started getting political and divisive and I had a hard time writing ANYTHING without controversial politics creeping just around the corner. It’s actually quite irritating because of course I have “political” opinions of my own I’d like to post about but at the same time I totally understand everyone being sick and tired of seeing videogames getting politicized. Be the change you wanna see and all.

But anyway, I realized that there are so many things I can write about that I don’t entirely know where to throw it and you know what? You never know when a random internet searcher will stumble upon your stupid blog because they share the same interests as you and your dumb posts are exactly what they needed.

ON that note: Yes, The Rail Shooter Archive is still in the back of my mind. I am literally sitting next to a pile of rail shooters. I just haven’t been in a rail shooty mood so my passion to write about them isn’t there at the moment. My gaming moods come in “seasons” and once Rail Shooter Season strikes once again, I’ll go in whole hog…or I might do a video just to do a video. Either way the site serves its primary purpose: To provide a large list of all the chase-view rail shooters I could find for any fellow rail shooter enthusiasts desperately searching for such a thing as I once did.

ANYWAY! I’m thinking it’s time to do my New Years Resolution early. I just bookmarked my post button and made a section for random bloggy rambling. I’m gonna try and post something, ANYTHING, no matter how minor and stupid at least once a day and see what happens. See how long I can keep it up.

Place your bets for how many weeks until I give up.

BUT! There’s MORE! See, I actually have a radio show now. As I was working towards a degree, in one of my classes we did radio interviews for our final and in two different classes that did this, everyone said I had a great voice for radio and should look into it. Well I did and am doing GameBabble Live at the local college radio station.

That means I can advertise this goofy blog there on the show! So…you know…that might be an idea.

If you’re wondering, the station is 89.5FM KCFV The Wave and thanks to the magic of the internet you can listen to it on a number of different sites. Like right here:


Show airs Wednesdays from 1-3PM Central Time


Anyway, here’s hoping I actually get back to blogging and sharing my bizzarre opinions with the internet. While we’re here though, what are your thoughts on more “political” posts? Should I avoid them entirely, put a warning before them, or make a separate blog for them? I have a feeling “just don’t” is probably the best option, but lemme know in the off chance any of the 5 regulars swing by here again.

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