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GameBabble Game of the Year 2017 and my History with Animation!

January 10, 2018

Well surprise surprise my “update every day” plan fell apart in a week. Certainly there is a fine balance between blogging with no plan and planning forever and never publishing.

ANYWAY! The radio show is on hold for a bit longer as the next semester starts up and people get their classes together. BUT! GameBabble continues with two quickly cobbled together episode-ish things!


First, GAME OF THE YEAR 2017

(I’m so good at drawing hands)

Yes! 2017 was quite the year for games so lets talk about what wowed me the most this year!


On top of that though we have a random rambly VLOG turned almost-episode because I spent too much time editing it wherin I talk about my weird journey with animation: How I started as an anime fan in the 80s, boycotted Disney in the 90s, and rediscovered the west in the 2000s:

(I had blonde hair as a kid)

Enjoy and fingers crossed I remember this blog exists sooner!