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GameBabble Game of the Year 2017 and my History with Animation!

January 10, 2018

Well surprise surprise my “update every day” plan fell apart in a week. Certainly there is a fine balance between blogging with no plan and planning forever and never publishing.

ANYWAY! The radio show is on hold for a bit longer as the next semester starts up and people get their classes together. BUT! GameBabble continues with two quickly cobbled together episode-ish things!


First, GAME OF THE YEAR 2017

(I’m so good at drawing hands)

Yes! 2017 was quite the year for games so lets talk about what wowed me the most this year!


On top of that though we have a random rambly VLOG turned almost-episode because I spent too much time editing it wherin I talk about my weird journey with animation: How I started as an anime fan in the 80s, boycotted Disney in the 90s, and rediscovered the west in the 2000s:

(I had blonde hair as a kid)

Enjoy and fingers crossed I remember this blog exists sooner!

Sonic Forces: Well *I* Liked It

November 23, 2017

I’m doin’ a real good job keeping this blog updated, huh? Anyway I just spent the past two weeks enjoying the controversial Sonic Forces. Is it as good as Colors and Generations? No. Is it BAD? No. Is it FLAWED? Yes. Is it some of the most fun I’ve had all year? Yes.

So I spent an hour and a half reconciling why I liked it so much.

If you don’t believe me, I streamed my whole first playthrough as well (volume warning: I had the Gain up to high)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

GameMetabble – Zestiria, Rodea, Street Fighter V, and…WWE2K16?!

November 15, 2015

Now that we’re all caught up, here’s the latest Metabble where I discuss the Wii/Wii U differences in Rodea: The Sky Soldier, talk a little about Zestiria, a good chunk about my SFV experience (and WARNING: I get slightly political as I discuss the recent censoring), and then we talk about the first WWE game I’ve ever bought new!

As you might have guessed, I ruined it as hard as I could XD

BONUS: When I say “WWE2K16 is buggy” I mean…

GameMetabble – The Empty Christmas List?

November 14, 2015

Wow! Sorry to wait so long posting THIS! Know how this Holiday Season seems a little dry? Well I still found something to get excited over! Woo!


November 14, 2015

Hey! SO! Been awhile since I posted last. I’ve made quite a few Stream videos, exploring the maddening world of Mario Maker as well as getting oddly into ModNation Racers. Played some Transformers (which is awesome) and even Rodea: The Sky Soldier just the other day.

So, rather than letting WordPress auto-post the videos, I’ll see if I can force it to do links because we have a LOT of catching up to do. Here we go!

9/16/2015 – The Madness of Pumpkin Spice Latte

Me and Mr.Whitefolks play some Mario Maker…and I forget to turn my mic on for the first hour and a half! Don’t worry, I edited it down. Afterwards I go crazy as Rockin’ joins us and I build my best stage yet.

9/20/2015 – Skylanders: WITNESS ME!!!

I give Skylanders: Superchargers a shot. This is just me so it’s a little bland.

9/23/2015 – What’s Wrong with Mario’s FAAAAAAAAAACE!

The fine folks at Red Letter Media made a stage and me & Whitefolks take a look at it…it was very uneventful…until someone decided to start playing my stream in a nerd bar in front of 90 people?! Then I play Skylanders some more, this time wit Whitefolks in tow.

9/30/2015 – Zapping to the EXTREME!

Christia-erm…CHRISTINE Weston Chandler made some Mario Maker stages?! Me and Mr.Whitefolks: World’s Biggest Sonichu Fan take a look!

10/4/2015 – Being a Weird Fanboy in ModNation Racers/CTR

With no one to join me and my mind blown that 5 years later people are still playing ModNation Racers, I reveal my weird fanboy side as I delve into the strange world of DeviantKart. Also I try Crash Team Racing for real.

10/4/2015 – ModNation: 5 Years Later

Later that same day I dive further in ModNation Racers with a lot more actual RACING!

10/7/2015 – Sonichu Kart

Oh of course no one will join me for ModNation Racers, but exploring the creations of CWC? Count Mr.Whitefolks in! …and drag along Rockin’ too.

10/10/2015 – Decepticon May Cry

Watch as UnderThePale’s cynicism melts into joy as I play Transformers: Devastation. Game of the Year material here.

10/17/2015 – Transformathon

A stream of a stream as Mothis the Hardcore Transformers Fan dives into Prime difficulty with me and UnderThePale in tow. One of the better episodes if you like hardcore nerdery.

11/11/2015 – Rodea with Viper!

Viper from ye olde Pixelphilia Podcast joins me from Australia as I show off the SEGA-tacular Rodea: The Sky Soldier on Wii…and the shitshow that is Rodea on Wii U. Also: Fishing Resort! (It’s related, trust me.)

WELL! Now that we’re caught up on THAT! Let’s go post that Metabble I forgot to post!




Metabble – NOT a Stream!

September 18, 2015

Wait I actually did something that WASN’T a stream?!

Stream 9/11/2015 – Makin’ Mario Madness!

September 14, 2015

Mario Maker is here so lets roll as we play through some madness…then some Rayman Legends and then like 3 hours of Armello so…you can skip that last part if you want…unless you like boardgames in which case OMG IT’S ARMELLO TIME!!!

Stream 9/9/2015 – Happy Dreamcast Day!

September 14, 2015

In a mad scramble for something to do for Dreamcast Day, I streamed random stuff!

Stream 9/5/2015 – Murder Sports!

September 8, 2015

Today’s subject? Murder Sports! A little Deathrow, some Circus Maximus, Freestyle Street Soccer, Mad Dash, and Motocross Mania 3’s booty racing where I learn the power of trees!

THEN just as UnderThePale leaves people come in and request some garbage fighters! I defend Kakuto Chojin, cringe at Tao Feng, then show REAL pain in the bug-tacular Stake: Fortune Fighters!

Stream 8/30/2015 – Truly Random

September 8, 2015

There is no consistency in this stream, it’s just utterly random. A little Sled Storm, finding out that Power Drome is pretty good, a touch of Hoop World, Space Harrier played with busted Wii controls, some Castlevania Rebirth, giving Swords a second chance, and even a little Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance!